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The Larkin Valley and Corralitos regions are part of unincorporated Santa Cruz County and in some cases share a Watsonville address, but also may have a Corralitos or Aptos address. Homes in these two regions are located up in the Santa Cruz Mountains, are typically custom built on varied lot sizes, and offer differing levels of views. Idyllic settings abound in both of these regions, as homes in the Larkin Valley sit on lots in a natural forest, and the Corralitos Region has developed into an excellent grape growing region. The Corralitos microclimate is perfectly suited to the production of Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, and four family-owned wineries currently operate in Corralitos.

Homes in Corralitos and Larkin Valley are both zoned to attend the Pajaro Valley Unified School District, but both are zoned to attend the higher rated Aptos High school.  The school zoning for these areas helps to maintain values compared to the regions farther south into Watsonville. Both areas offer a relatively quick commute into town to access groceries and other services, but far enough away to enjoy some peace and quiet.

The local Realtor MLS classifies Larkin Valley as MLS Area 52, and Corralitos as MLS Area 53. Below is the historical market data for the two areas.

Larkin Valley Median Home Prices
& Days on Market (MLS Area 52)

Larkin Valley Price Per Square Foot
& Number of Sales (MLS Area 52)

Corralitos Median Home Prices
& Days on Market (MLS Area 53)

Corralitos Price Per Square Foot
& Number of Sales (MLS Area 53)

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